Our Programs

We partner with yoga studios worldwide to offer yoga classes for which 100% of revenues are locally donated to benefit studio-selected environmental and sustainable farming groups.

How it Works

The Studio: schedules a class with us, provides studio space and promotion, and chooses a local organization to benefit... and gets lots of "good karma" PR. (Studios are also invited to request additional non-benefit classes, workshops, or teacher training units with River during her visit if desired. Just ask!)

River: travels to the studio, hosts and teaches the class... for free!

The Students: enroll, attend, and pay for the class as usual... and enjoy a fabulous Viniyoga practice while connecting with some of the environmental heroes in their neighborhood.

The Organization: sends a representative or some literature to the class... and receives local exposure, new fans, and 100% of class revenue.

If you have a studio or other yoga facility and are interested in hosting a Yogis for Earth class, just contact us.

That’s it! Easy, right?