About River

A 25 year yoga veteran, River's professional teaching career spans the past 17 years. She is a dedicated student of yoga, yoga therapy and Vedic chant in the lineage of TKV Desikachar and T Krishnamacharya. A master teacher in the Viniyoga lineage, River holds both Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist certifications from the American Viniyoga Institute run by her root teacher, Gary Kraftsow. She was recently deeply honored to be asked by her chanting teacher, Sonia Nelson, to share her Vedic chant teachings with the public.

For the past decade River has served as Teacher Training Director for Old Town Yoga, prior to which she worked as Director of Education for Yoga Away. She has taught retreats, classes, workshops, festivals, and 1-on-1 therapeutic sessions worldwide.  Students appreciate her directness, clarity, depth, honesty, wisdom, humor, and warmth. To experience samples of her teaching and see some of River's press coverage, use the red You Tube icon and other links below.

The Yogis for Earth Story

From an intense childhood career in competitive horse riding to PhD-level studies in Chemistry and Physics, from yearlong stints traveling in Asia and South America to a rock climbing accident and the 14 reconstructive surgeries that followed, my life has always been an adventure. Through all the highs and lows, the challenges, tribulations, transitions, and just plain difficulties of my unique path, there are two things I have always relied on to see me through. Yoga practice and the natural world. They have been the true friends and constant companions that have always been there for me, the ones who never fail to ease my way and guide me forward.

When I retired recently from a 12 year career as a yoga teacher training director, I felt drawn to create a passion project. Something that would put my highest values, unique skills and resources into joyful action in the world in service of something that truly matters. Yogis for Earth is that project. In it are united my love for the outdoors, my skill and connections as a yoga teacher, and my desire to give back in a meaningful way to the earth that sustains and inspires me. I feel deeply grateful and truly blessed to be able to offer this work in the world.

Yoga teaches the truth of inter-being among all things, the fact of continuity between inner and outer worlds. It reveals the impossibility of any way for humans to be healthy in body, heart, mind and spirit while living on a planet that is sick. Looking at the world around me, I am deeply saddened by the continued environmental devastation that our short-sighted cultural attitudes and ill-conceived policies create. As a conscious yogini I can not sit idly by and let this paradise world be destroyed by ignorance. Yogis for Earth is my way of taking a stand. My way of rolling up my sleeves and digging in with willing hands as part of the solution. It's my small way of helping to lift up the oneness that is all things - people, animals, plants, water, air, and soil - out of sickness and toward health... won't you join me?